Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Red Rock Delight

Dance is an art form that I've been passionate about for many years now. One of the many things I love about dancing is being able to experiment with many different characters and personas. I have an open mind when it comes to the music I choose to dance to. I'll dance to anything from club banging, top 40, dance hits to slow jamming, love songs by underground artists. Dance gives me the opportunity to portray many different characters so as I jump into the style-blogosphere, I'll definitely take this fun experimental mentality with me.

Part 2 of my debut photo shoot features a street look which was fun getting into character for. It's a thuggish mix with a rock influence, hence the post title.

What I'm wearing: Black clip-back hat (General Pants Co), Black wayfarer style sunglasses, Red tartan short sleeve shirt (Topman), Black waxed spray on skinny jeans (Topman), Red socks (Roger David), Black hightop chucks (Converse).

I had a pair of jeans similar to these about 4 years ago and they were my absolute favourite. I couldn't buy them again once mine had worn out since the original brand stopped producing them and so I was ecstatic to find this similar style (a few years later) at Topman! These are "spray on" skinny cuts which means they are so tight that they look like they have literally been sprayed onto your legs. In hindsight I don't think they look to0 bad but I think a larger size would have made them less restricting when wearing them all day.

Subscribe to my Youtube page to see me dance yo!

This tartan short sleeve shirt was much harder to style than I thought. Matching them with black jeans would be your safest option. I should have gone for the long sleeve version as it would've given me more options of how to wear them. Either with the sleeves down, sleeves rolled up or even have the shirt tied around my waist for a completely different look.

"Break the rules"

Photos by Carlo Reyes


  1. Awesome post!! Cool pics :) and nice outfit
    your blog it's awesome <3

    1. Thanks mate. Looking forward to seeing more of your work


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